Make me a Toddy!

Yeah, I maybe whined that out to the Bunny when he came home from work last night.  I was cold.  And too comfy curled up with Kreplach to get myself a blanket.  But then Bunny came home.  To make me a cozy cup of tea with honey…plus some nice whiskey.  TaDa…Hot Toddy!  We sat on the tiny couch in our library, chatting about the day while enjoying our drink.  The puppy curled up on my feet like a 30 pound space heater.  Life is wonderful.

Conversation turned to the upcoming holiday – Saturday Thanksgiving.  After working in hospitality for the past 18 years, I don’t know how to celebrate a holiday on the actual day that it falls.  More fun for us, as all of our friends can come. “Bunny, how many extra people did you invite?” “I don’t recall.”  Oh.  “Well, how many people told you they were staying over for the night?”  “I don’t recall.”  I’m never surprised at the answer.  I just check the air mattresses after we have dinner.  So much to be thankful for.