Garden in the Winter

Ever feel like you get 1/3 of the way into a project and you made a mistake?  Is it too late to fix it?  Make a note for next time?  Well, that’s kinda how my garden is.  The first year that I planted vegetables as I used the “Emily fling method!”  I took a handful of mixed veg seeds and literally threw them into the garden beds and then watered.  It worked better than I thought it would!  The second year I still used the “Emily fling method,” but didn’t mix the seeds, just flung them into somewhat specific areas.  Year 3, I matured a bit, and planted in almost rows.  And now, here we are in year 4.  It was the end of May and I realized that maybe I should have started the tomato plants inside.  I had planted my root vegetables and hearty greens in April.  Delicates and vines in the beginning of May.  1/3 of the way into the growing season…maybe I’ll get tomato or two this year…maybe…

I had a boss tell me once that I often don’t make the correct decisions, but that I am so focused on the end result it seems like I will it to happen and everything works out.  Can I do the same for my garden?  Or should I take my own kitchen advise? “Do it right the first time, every time.”

Here we are on the second day of summer.  I have already eaten all of the first batch of radishes and several turnips.  Kohlrabi salad is on the menu for tonight with a beautiful piece of grilled salmon.  The beets, kale and Swiss chard are going strong.  Next week I will start to harvest the collards.  Cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, peppers and green beans all have blossoms.  Just waiting on the future of my little tomato plants!

Happy gardening, grilling, day drinking, and a warm and glorious summer!