Oh, Paris!

Sometimes it amazes me – what we see and what we don’t.  I just came back from my 3rd visit to Paris. I’m quite the lucky lady.  One trip with my college girl friends, one trip with my non-boyfriend, and now a trip with my parents and husband.  What did I see this time? Michelin starred restaurants, perfectly runny cheeses, outdoor cafes with a cocktail at sundown.  Learning that a nice manicure and some sparkly jewelry will make the shopkeepers deal with my horrible French.  And on my other trips? Montmartre at night, the Paris subway system, crepes on the street, a haircut from a man in very tight jeans and my very first Macaron.  Every time Paris is different.  And every time, a little the same.  More baguette than a reasonable person would consume, (I am not reasonable).  So Much Butter!  Beggars and pick pockets. The Eiffel Tower, meant to be temporary, but still standing, like a creepy exboyfriend. Do I have a favorite trip?  No!  I like Paris in the Summer, I like Paris in the Fall, and I like Paris in the Winter.  Maybe I can persuade Bunny to take me again…not sure if I like Paris in the springtime.