Where Have We Been Lately?

The Bunny and I are dating!  I know, I know, we were married over 5 years ago, engaged for 13 months and in a relationship for 6 months before that.  But we never really went on dates.  Not one, really.  I think we went for cocktails twice.  That weird dinner at a Hawaiian place that ran out of rice so brought us Prosecco instead (not that I minded, but still…)  Yeah, we didn’t date.  But we are now!

We went to brunch at the awesome Bohemian House in Ravenswood.  Just a few blocks from one of the firehouses that we tried to buy.  Pancakes were amazing – just think of how good they must be to even get mentioned!  Also a really yummy coffee drink with a buttermilk foam.  You know how I like my boozy coffee!

I went with my best friend from college to BopNGrill in Lakeview.  Burger with sauteed kimchi, spicy mayo and American Cheese.  And we shared an eggroll filled with bulgogi.  And about 300 napkins.  Good times until somebody needs a Tums.

We also took my camera girl and her husband, also known as my parents, to Clever Rabbit.  Mostly veg menu.  We suggest the appetizer sampler board and then the Fat Rabbit.  You need a double cheeseburger after all of those healthy veggies you started with!

Have fun with your food, eat everything, and drink a little too much.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.