Lazy Saturday afternoon nosh, perfect for 2 with a bottle of Rose, or a great group starter while the charcoal is heating for the grill. We also like to put the ingredients in separate tubs and take it for a picnic. The Buttery Babe Instant Mezze Platter is great because it is only the things you want, and all from the store! This is not a real recipe - more of a friendly tip sheet. Everything can come from the grocery store or produce market on your way home from work - I noted where I usually get each ingredient.

  • Grape Leaves - canned, olive/salad bar
  • Roasted Red Peppers - jarred
  • Hummus - refrigerated
  • Baba Ganoush - refrigerated
  • Artichoke Hearts - jarred, olive/salad bar
  • Pita - bakery
  • Cucumbers, Radishes, Carrot Sticks - produce
  • Olives & Pickled Beets - jar, olive bar
  • Spanakopita - freezer, deli
  • 6 Minute Boiled Eggs, drizzle with Tahini or Mayo and a sprinkle of Za'atar - make it easier with some nice chunks of feta!

  1. Pick out a pretty platter or wooden board. Get some small bowls for the dippy things - hummus, baba, tzatziki if it's your thing.
  2. Arrange everything so the colors and textures are varied.
  3. Eat and enjoy - bask in your creativity and kitchen confidence!