Happiness at Home

We run around all day.  50 hour work weeks, endless phone calls, texts, and emails.  24 hour news cycles screaming nothing nice.  But you know what is nice?  Dinner.  At home.  At the table.  With your family and friends.  I will rant for a tiny bit; I’m pretty good at that.  The importance of a communal meal is huge.  Everything tastes better when it is shared, when there is lively conversation.  We love to have dinner together, phones left on the counter.  We open a bottle of wine and set the table together.  I cook something delicious.  We are thankful for each other, for any friends surrounding us, for the family critiquing every move.  It’s better that way.

I tend to make a weekly menu, to control my grocery shopping habit.  The Bunny likes the menu because he can count and set ratios of the number of healthy dinners versus naughty dinners.  I think he plans meetings on purpose on healthy nights.  Oh well, I can only do my best.

We live our lives and you live yours, friendly reader.  But maybe one night a week, try our way.  Hide the cell phone.  Turn off the tv.  Look at your dinner and at your dining partner.  Enjoy what you have and be thankful for having it.