This one is easier to master than the Winston Knot and makes a lovely presentation.  We will do a simple 3 strand braid and bake it around an oven safe ramekin or bowl.

Make the My Favorite Challah and divide the entire dough into 6 strands after the first rise.  Use 3 strands to make a basic braid; do not pinch the ends closed.  I find that if I start in the middle of the braid the loaf is more uniform.  Move the braid to a baking sheet.  Place an oven safe ramekin next to the braid and gently round the braid around the bowl.  Braid the ends together and tuck any loose strands under.  Let rise 30 minutes, glaze and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes.  I like to either sprinkle with seeds after the glaze or roll in seeds before braiding.

After the Challah is cooled, you can fill the bowl with honey or apple slices and use as a centerpiece on the holiday table.